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what will a teetotaler do?


Just like that thought of blogging!

        When I was returning from Office to home, Usually there is always a huge traffic near Ambal Nagar.  Especially the bus used to halt at Ambal Nagar Mansion, near that Mansion, there is a small bar shop were wines are sold.

       The dog usually comes at the back of the old man, who used to buy some biscuits to that dog daily but he dint buy anything for that dog yesterday(28-4-09) the dog was running around him, but he dint even think about the dog, he started beating at that dog, with the amount which he has in hand he bought some drinks and went off.  But still the dog was running behind him. 

In tamil there is a phrase enna pannalum nai vaala nimirthavey mudiyadhu  this exactly suits for this case.  Whatever the owner be and whatever his character may be, the dog shows its loyalty to its owner.

In this same case, what would the teetotaler would have done?

      Let me tell you, the teetotaler would have bought some thing for him and would have given something to the dog!

Paavam andha naai, edha dhaan naai padadha paadu nu solrangalo

Kudi kudiyayai kedukum nu solradhu sariya dhaan irukku.

But anyhow this scene hurted me a lot.



enna jenmamo



    Yeah the topic itself says about the last night experience in the Bus.  I don’t know how that Idiot is doing that?

This is what happens:

I was sitting in D70 bus at 7.15pm and another girl was sitting next to me.  She bought 2 paper rolls Roasted ground nuts and she was eating that. 

What she did was:

She ate everything and just like that throwing paper outside the bus. 

I just want to ask her, is road her dustbin?

I was totally upset due to her activity.

I thought of killing her when she did like that.

Don’t they have common sense?  Is she educated?  If any does like that anymore will ask them to put inside the Dustbin.

It is the place where you and I are living.  We have to keep our places clean but if the people are like that what can we do?

Even though there are laws that has been passed, they are doing like that as if they are the laws.

I would like to call them as “Chennai-Idiots”.


Am I becoming popular



        Hmmm in my office I have gained the name called Blog’in Rani.  What I thought is I have become popular in Chennai office only, but has become popular in Japan office too.

Look at the comments from Friends:

I showed all ur blogs to KK employees, they could not follow as most of the comments are in tamil, u popular in japan office too….

enna koduma da idhu, enna kaapatha aalaey illaya, adhaan blog podaradhaye niruthiteney 😀
adhukadhaan thaniya oru domain vaangi, andha domain ah Zohola vera host panni blog ah sondhama potta nakkala ayiduchu.

Idhukukku nadula, intranet forums la blog ah pota 145 comments varaikum vera odudhu.

Sari domain vangarthuku munnadi wordpressla account open panninen angayum asinga paduthuranga namma makkal enna panradhu…

Hmmm have to develop a thick skin


The Ipod 'username' cannot be synced. The unknown error has been occured(-48)



       You would have been searching for the solution for this.  Its simple.  Do the following steps:

1. Go to My Computer
2. Right Click the Ipod Device
3. Go to Properties
4.  Go to Tools.
5.  Error Checking – Check Now
6.  Click on both the option
7. The disk will check for errors and will fix the errors.

          This is easy, ain’t it?
Happy playing with Ipod.