Am I becoming popular



        Hmmm in my office I have gained the name called Blog’in Rani.  What I thought is I have become popular in Chennai office only, but has become popular in Japan office too.

Look at the comments from Friends:

I showed all ur blogs to KK employees, they could not follow as most of the comments are in tamil, u popular in japan office too….

enna koduma da idhu, enna kaapatha aalaey illaya, adhaan blog podaradhaye niruthiteney 😀
adhukadhaan thaniya oru domain vaangi, andha domain ah Zohola vera host panni blog ah sondhama potta nakkala ayiduchu.

Idhukukku nadula, intranet forums la blog ah pota 145 comments varaikum vera odudhu.

Sari domain vangarthuku munnadi wordpressla account open panninen angayum asinga paduthuranga namma makkal enna panradhu…

Hmmm have to develop a thick skin



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