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Are all like that?



      Due to some work I went to Post Office to collect the register post.  The following was happened and really got frustrated.  And I concluded that all of them are like that.

We have changed our house recently so the old Insurance Policy was addressed in the old address and not in the new one.

So I went there to collect it.  I asked the post office person, that when will the guy named Hari Rao will be coming here, so that I have to go for another work after finishing this.  Already it was 9 am there.  They responded he will be here by sharp 9.30am.  So I waited until then.  At 9.30 I asked them, I dint even see that guy so has he come?  They responded like this, its the time for him to come.  So wait.  I asked him its going to be 9.45am we do have some responsibilities at home and at work, if one person comes like that, the whole day is wasted because of you guys, and what the heck of being here and moreover can’t you give the registered post to the nearby people in the flat.  Don’t you have the presence of mind.  They all started laughing (shit on you guys).  After that he came and spoke to him and collected the letter and went away.  Because of him the whole day is being wasted and pretty irritated because of the response. 

This is not the only case that had happened on that day, I went to CWA institute with my friend to collect the books.  So we both went together and we were planning to go for Spencers Shopping Mall which is nearby. 

The response from that guy who is suppyling the books.

I asked him you only called us and requested us to collect the books and now you are asking me to come on another day to collect the books, Am I fool to come here just a long distance and trying to make me a fool?

That guy replied: I am doing a dual work today, Cashier work and supplying books.

Me: So what, don’t you do that?

That guy: come on monday or else don’t buy the book from here.

Me:(I thought) What a great response from you, you people should work in a software company like me, then you will handle all the works at a time.  Is that the response that you give to the student being a book supplier.  Don’t you know what mannerism is?  Then why the heck you people are here.  GO TO HELL…

Is that the way they respond to a student!

Hmmm shit on you guys! Don’t you feel ashamed of what you have replied!

Is all the persons are like that?



To convert the Chinese and Japanese to Unicodes of my own.



       Many of them would have struggled how to convert those for the HTML usages.

Use these codes in .html file.

What made me to do this?

I was doing I18N for my team, where we have to give the strings to the concerned person and we have to do then necessary steps for that.  This process usually takes around 2 to 3 days, which made driving into nuts for one string taking 3 days to convert. OMG a waste of time, energy, mail etc.  So wrote a code for that.  Ha ha ha, Simple ain’t it?


<meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ />
<title>Unicode convertor for html files</title>
        <form name=”form” id=”form”>
                <textarea id=”unicode” rows=”10″ name=”unicode”></textarea><br>
                <input type=”button” value=”get the value” onmouseup=”getUnicode();”><br>
                <input type=”reset” value=”reset”><br>
                <textarea id=”output” name=”output” rows=”10″></textarea>
<script type=”text/javascript”>

        function getUnicode() {
   var tstr = document.getElementById(‘unicode’).value;
   var bstr = ”;
   for(var i=0; i<tstr.length; i++)
                bstr += ‘&#’ + tstr.charCodeAt(i) + ‘;’;
                bstr += tstr.charAt(i);
   document.form.output.value = bstr;



From last night to today morning


This is just a blog that what had happened from last night(27th may 2009 to 28th may 2009) morning.  Just un-forgettable one.

Yes after my office hours I thought of going to Doctor’s clinic for Check-up.  I usually go there for once in three months.  So yesterday was the third month for me for the check-up.  Usually there will a large queue in that doctor’s clinic.  But when I saw there, there were only one or two people inside the clinic and I thought I can finish this faster and will reach home atleast by 9.15pm. 

At that time there were 4 members came out of the doctor’s cabin.  I just looked back at that time, just JAW DROPPED.  Its my Maths ma’am who took maths for me during my 11th and 12th.  WOW! No Words to say, after a long gap of 5 years I am seeing her.  I don’t know what to speak with her.  So First I started with Ma’am how are you?

For that she replied:Yeah not bad.

I thought: Such a nice ma’am to have you.

Me:  What for here?

Ma’am:  Came here for my mother-in-law.

Me: Oh! How is she now?

Ma’am: yeah she gave some tablets, and btw are you a medical representative?

Me: Oh! No ma’am I came here for a regular medical Check-Up.

Ma’am: Oh thats good to have a medical check-up like you.

Me: (Just Smiled at her) What happened to the 12th result ma’am, is it 100%?

Ma’am: No, this time we lost 1% because of one girl.  Really sad of it. Never expect this would happen.

Me: Hmmm, Me too ma’am 😦 , What about your class, how many centums and state ranks?

Ma’am: 2 stateranks and 11 centums in Business Mathematics. 

Me: Wow! superb ma’am.  You always rocks!

Ma’am:  Charu now you have improved a lot chubby cheeks, little bit tall and looks beautiful and cute too.  Stay in touch with me.  I have to rush now.

Me: Thanks, yeah ma’am surely I will be in touch.

With that pursuit of happiness, I finished the consultation and went back to home.  While surfing the channels, T.R’s film was going on… I was shocked literally.  And started doing my work.

Today Morning:  One shocking news heard in my ears.  My brother said, let me drop you in Vadapalani because I am going by that side. 

I said no need Jagath, I will go by myself, whats there in it to drop me there?

He said no charu don’t worry I will drop I am going by that side.  I litterally was in happiness after hearing from him.

Okay, after that… while coming in the bike I thought he will take some other topic but took about to drive the car.  Yep I do know how to drive a car, but I am really afraid to take the car alone or with the help of dad.  Because I am really worried that if I dashed the car what will you do?  Its a damn new.  Without the guidance of you, how can I take the car?  These are some of the question that cannot be asked directly to him.

If the car is Maruti 800 or Santro I would have taken for a ride atleast once but it is i10. 😦 .  My goodness.

If Jagath is not coming with me while driving the car, never mind I will not take this drive this car in my life time.


Experience in reading the Tamil Book.



    Yeah yesterday(26-5-09) I finished reading the book called “Indha manam endhan sondham” by Ramani Chandran.

As I love a lot of thriller, ghost, detective stores this book made me to read more because of Jaya’s blog.


Not because of Tamil Book, not because of family story I don’t know what made me to grasp towards the story.

Let me explain you the short description of the story.  Here it goes:

There is a girl named Udhaya Rekha. She has a younger sister named Banu Rekha.  Their parents names were Revathy and I forgot his name.  Since Udhaya is the eldest daughter of the family provided after the birth of Udhaya her parents will shine up like anything.So everyone likes Udhaya.  This is how this story goes.

Elder kid is somehow intelligent and she is used to tackle things easily.

Younger kid is brilliant and she is of adamant character, she needs everything whatever she sees or likes.

The younger kid is in USA for her higher studies and she continues to work there for continuous 4 years.  After a gap she is returned back to her hometown to see her parents and sibling. 

In the meantime, Udhaya is engaged with Selvam.  Selvam is Vijaya’s son.  Vijaya is Revathy’s class mate.  So they have decided to finish off the marriage for them when Banu comes to India.

When Banu returned to India everything goes vice-versa.

In Udhaya’s office, the MD has been changed from Narayana Moorthy to Yogendran(Narayana’s son).

About Yogendran:  He is kinda don’t like girls at all.  This thought arises because of the girl who stayed in his home.

Selvam is engaged with Udhaya.  When Banu comes to India, for Banu’s work Selvam went along with Banu for shopping etc to purchase for her project work.  In the mean time, Banu falls in love with Selvam and vice-versa.

Oneday Udhaya came to know about this Marriage faillure, so she decided to fix the marriage for both Selvam and Banu.

After a few days, Banu will return to her work(USA).

In the meantime, Yogendran Udhaya’s MD who became very close friend of her and he told that he is in suitation that he is not interested in getting married.  So he asked for Udhaya’s help that she has to come to his house and play a role as Yogendran’s Lady love.  Udhaya accepted that proposal and came his house.

Immediately, Yogendran’s parents called up Udhaya’s parents to accept the marriage proposal.  But they too thought something and happened something.

And this fuss ended up in marriage.  After a few months, her sister Banu return back to her hometown.  She came to know that her sister got married.  And moreover she(Banu) came to know that he(Yogendran) is too rich and forwarding to make it big.

So Banu tries to catch Yogendran, but none of her plan works out and finally everyone came to know about Banu’s character and everyone started neglecting her.

After reading this story I am in cat on the wall like I can jump here or there.

Moreover I can proceed reading these things or can also stop reading this books.

Any advices?


In Need of the orphange address.



    Since my school mates and I are getting into the sixth year of Re-Union, we would like to celebrate it in a different manner by helping the poor and the people of an old age who are sent out by their legal heir(s) and staying in some Mudhiyor Illams.

We people are around 50.

I am in need of some of the address in and around velachery, Thiruvanmiyur, ECRs.

I heard some of the Person know some of the places like that.

Please help us by sending the address to .

If anyone know some of the persons in the orphange do let me know about it.

Thanks for your co-operation.


Dreams coming into reality.



      The dream which we used to dream will be coming into reality at times for some and all the times for some and for some it may be just a thing as a dream that can be dreamt about.

     Yes in my case, Whatever I dream that comes in reality especially the places.  Say for instance if I see some old building in my dream, the same place will be seen in reality wherever I go to places within a year.

Likewise, this is what happened a few days ago!

In my dream I see some mountains that is covered fully by snow  which is fully covered by snow and the first half of the mountain is full of Sun Rays and the balance has the some snow on it with a shadow of a mountain on it.  I dreamt this a long back around 5 months or so.  But when I go through the mails and thought of clearing it, I got the mail subjected as “Swiss” I got immobilized once I saw that mail.  OMG!  whatever I dreamt is coming into reality.

Another Instance is: I saw some old building in my dream near december of 2007, but the same buildings is displayed in the film “Sakarakatti” Movie in “Taxi Taxi” song.  Oh shit, How can this happen?

Do anyone experiencing the same problem like me?

Do write to