Without Mobile



       Yes as this topic itself say, I am without mobile for
the past 3 days. I keep thinking not to use mobile in the forthcoming
days.  But it never happens.  I used to call them as addiction.

Yes obviously, once you started using mobile then you can’t give up
your mobile to anyone to use it for a few days.  I am using mobile so
far for the past 2 years+(26-4-2007 its the date when I started using
my mobile).
But I never give my mobile with SIM to anyone, without SIM I will give
that to everyone, moreover I am very possessive about mobiles and craze
about it.

At times I used to think, what are we going to do or survive without
mobiles.  I simply think about the past years where I dint own any
mobile or SIM.  Those days were really a happy and good experience,
where I used to make a calls from outside PCO centers where I took a
lot of time to go to that PCO shops and returning back, speaking with
my friends and taking almost half an hour to return back to home, etc. 
Those were the days were I enjoyed a lot.  But now I never say I am not
enjoying now, instead the world is in the hands where you can contact
anywhere, any person in the world. 

Will you people call this as addition?
Can you people survive mobile without one day in the technologies stuffed world?

We people would have got the forwards like an employee is getting a job
in Microsoft and he doesn’t have mail ids too.  After that he was send
out because he doesn’t have the mail id.  Sounds stupid according to me.
Whats there in not having a mail id.  Is all the fun in having mail id
means, then we are all addicted to the technology.  There are many
people who doesn’t like technology being improved.  At times the same
technology makes a person even die.

Even taking me as an example:  When I was in college my eye sight power
was +0.5 but now my sight has drastically increased to -2.0.  What the
hell, if it continues like this then I will become blind.  This happen
because we continuously looking and watching computers and Stupid

Those where the times where there is no mobile, no TV, only Radio were introduced where people get fully addicted to that.

If you want to save yourself from all those addiction use those things
more till you get tired of using it.  Then you will get any interest in
using it anymore.

Moreover whatever the fashions that are used during 60s-70s are again re-used in the year 09-10s.
Yes I conclude it, this world in a vicious cycle, where you cannot live
without technologies.  This is for some people only not for all.

Just a thought so posted it.



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