Are you a coffee lover??


Yeah I see many people near me are a coffee lover(s). 

Yep, this is what happened at home on Sunday.

My Cousin’s fiance and his father came to home to see my parents and to talk further regarding the marriage.  My mom asked them what would you like to drink now Coffee or a Tea?

Mami, I love coffee so I would like to take an offer of drinking coffee.

And then he was telling about his mom to my mom.

Dunno her name, she is too old and moreover she used to do this daily it seems.

In the evening this uncle bought coffee powder and kept at home and put a strong decoction and his mom asked ennada coffee decoction podariya adhaan vasana nalla mooka pidikardhu 😉

Huh, at that time I thought in this world there are many coffee lovers who will give company to us too 😉 :D.  LOL.

The another thing happened today morning.

When I get up from bed at 7.45am my dad was drinking coffee and his usual duty is it give a little bit coffee at the bottom of the tumbler its the habit of him since my birth. 

Actually I dint notice that my dad was drinking coffee, he asked me enna charu kaakaaku mookula vadaya vecha madhiri correct coffee kudikum podhu ezhundhu variyee.

I bursted out in laughter and said to him “Thats Charu”.

He replied “adhu sari!!!”.

WOW according to my statistics there are large number of coffee drinkers than tea drinkers.  But I don’t have the survey results.




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