A narrow escape


Yes there are two incidents happened in this week, for which I narrowly escaped from without any scratches on me.

Instance one:

     It was a pathetic one.  When I was in bus forwarding to my work, near that Srinagar Colony the old type bus was coming in its way and the Maruti 800 car was trying to overtake the bus.  But the other vehicle behind Maruti 800 hit that Maruti 800 car.  So that car returned perpendicular to the bus.  So that bus hit the car and moreover the bus driver fails to hit the break, is he a driver then?  After a long distance covered, he hit the break and the Maruti 800 chattered into pieces(the one side of the car only the other part was good).  BTW, nothing happened to the car driver he is safe. That bus slightly scratched the bus which I came.  Actually I was sitting at the last row of the bus and slightly dashed the bus.

Instance Two:

     It happened yesterday(7-5-09).  While the bus stops for Bus Stop in Pillar, there was a little gap between the Bus and the Stop.  The another Bus was trying to enter into the gap, if the bus has come slowly then no probs will lead to a slight sratch on the bus and would have escaped.  But the bus came bit fast than usual.  As usual I sat in the last row of the bus, the other bus came and dashed on to the bus and my hand slightly got scratched.

But anyhow I used to call them as a narrow escape.



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