From last night to today morning


This is just a blog that what had happened from last night(27th may 2009 to 28th may 2009) morning.  Just un-forgettable one.

Yes after my office hours I thought of going to Doctor’s clinic for Check-up.  I usually go there for once in three months.  So yesterday was the third month for me for the check-up.  Usually there will a large queue in that doctor’s clinic.  But when I saw there, there were only one or two people inside the clinic and I thought I can finish this faster and will reach home atleast by 9.15pm. 

At that time there were 4 members came out of the doctor’s cabin.  I just looked back at that time, just JAW DROPPED.  Its my Maths ma’am who took maths for me during my 11th and 12th.  WOW! No Words to say, after a long gap of 5 years I am seeing her.  I don’t know what to speak with her.  So First I started with Ma’am how are you?

For that she replied:Yeah not bad.

I thought: Such a nice ma’am to have you.

Me:  What for here?

Ma’am:  Came here for my mother-in-law.

Me: Oh! How is she now?

Ma’am: yeah she gave some tablets, and btw are you a medical representative?

Me: Oh! No ma’am I came here for a regular medical Check-Up.

Ma’am: Oh thats good to have a medical check-up like you.

Me: (Just Smiled at her) What happened to the 12th result ma’am, is it 100%?

Ma’am: No, this time we lost 1% because of one girl.  Really sad of it. Never expect this would happen.

Me: Hmmm, Me too ma’am 😦 , What about your class, how many centums and state ranks?

Ma’am: 2 stateranks and 11 centums in Business Mathematics. 

Me: Wow! superb ma’am.  You always rocks!

Ma’am:  Charu now you have improved a lot chubby cheeks, little bit tall and looks beautiful and cute too.  Stay in touch with me.  I have to rush now.

Me: Thanks, yeah ma’am surely I will be in touch.

With that pursuit of happiness, I finished the consultation and went back to home.  While surfing the channels, T.R’s film was going on… I was shocked literally.  And started doing my work.

Today Morning:  One shocking news heard in my ears.  My brother said, let me drop you in Vadapalani because I am going by that side. 

I said no need Jagath, I will go by myself, whats there in it to drop me there?

He said no charu don’t worry I will drop I am going by that side.  I litterally was in happiness after hearing from him.

Okay, after that… while coming in the bike I thought he will take some other topic but took about to drive the car.  Yep I do know how to drive a car, but I am really afraid to take the car alone or with the help of dad.  Because I am really worried that if I dashed the car what will you do?  Its a damn new.  Without the guidance of you, how can I take the car?  These are some of the question that cannot be asked directly to him.

If the car is Maruti 800 or Santro I would have taken for a ride atleast once but it is i10. 😦 .  My goodness.

If Jagath is not coming with me while driving the car, never mind I will not take this drive this car in my life time.



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