Are all like that?



      Due to some work I went to Post Office to collect the register post.  The following was happened and really got frustrated.  And I concluded that all of them are like that.

We have changed our house recently so the old Insurance Policy was addressed in the old address and not in the new one.

So I went there to collect it.  I asked the post office person, that when will the guy named Hari Rao will be coming here, so that I have to go for another work after finishing this.  Already it was 9 am there.  They responded he will be here by sharp 9.30am.  So I waited until then.  At 9.30 I asked them, I dint even see that guy so has he come?  They responded like this, its the time for him to come.  So wait.  I asked him its going to be 9.45am we do have some responsibilities at home and at work, if one person comes like that, the whole day is wasted because of you guys, and what the heck of being here and moreover can’t you give the registered post to the nearby people in the flat.  Don’t you have the presence of mind.  They all started laughing (shit on you guys).  After that he came and spoke to him and collected the letter and went away.  Because of him the whole day is being wasted and pretty irritated because of the response. 

This is not the only case that had happened on that day, I went to CWA institute with my friend to collect the books.  So we both went together and we were planning to go for Spencers Shopping Mall which is nearby. 

The response from that guy who is suppyling the books.

I asked him you only called us and requested us to collect the books and now you are asking me to come on another day to collect the books, Am I fool to come here just a long distance and trying to make me a fool?

That guy replied: I am doing a dual work today, Cashier work and supplying books.

Me: So what, don’t you do that?

That guy: come on monday or else don’t buy the book from here.

Me:(I thought) What a great response from you, you people should work in a software company like me, then you will handle all the works at a time.  Is that the response that you give to the student being a book supplier.  Don’t you know what mannerism is?  Then why the heck you people are here.  GO TO HELL…

Is that the way they respond to a student!

Hmmm shit on you guys! Don’t you feel ashamed of what you have replied!

Is all the persons are like that?



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  1. Hi Charu, your blog was s very interesting and such an exceptional read I have not come across. Continue entertaining us with you “original” experiences. Kudos blog-in Ranee! 😛

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