Evolution of Auditing



        Actually I was cleaning the house yesterday after a very long time including my book shelves too.  I saw the college books kept unopened for many years.  So that I of reading some useful infos.  At that I saw the Auditing book and thought of reading the evolution of Auditing.  Moreover I love auditing, accounting and taxation like anything.  So yesterday I was in curiosity to read what was given there in the book.

Below was the statement was given by them:

In 1314 the accounts of England has been audited.  Yeah thats fine, because these people introduced many things in their Country.  These are all acceptable reason, moreover without the English people India wouldn’t have improved a lot like anything. 

Unacceptable: The auditing itself has introduced in the year 3600-3200BC.  But one thing is, they say in Ramayana period itself the auditing system have been proved.  Literally mind wanted to know how and read it further.

They say: Rama asked Bharatha to check the accounts of Ayodhya.

But I say:  This never tells about the physical checking of Auditing held in Rama’s palace and how can they say that this as an auditing. 

I really really busted out in laughter.

In practice the auditing has been came into force from the 18th century once the industrial revolution has been started where the commerce, trading and other things were came into lime-light. At that time only exchange of goods(goods for goods exchange), goods for gold and silver, goods for money, this is how the commerce has been evolutioned.  And once the commerce has come then the industrialist, auditing, money so and so has come into light.

Yes they can show that there is an existance, but that is just a show of an accounts and how can that be an auditing? Sounds stupid.

You feel awkward, don’t you?



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