What made me to blog?



          Yeah I used to blog in my company’s intranet blogs.  There is always a count for Proliffic blogger.  In which those who make a highest post name will be recorded or displayed in that main page.  One day I made a post on the topic named “Shuttle” and which made a blog thread hit of 30 comments and high number of Views around 1600+.  And one day I decided to make blog post for which my name should also enter into the prolific blogger list.  So for that month itself I made around 12 post. 

This is how I started blogging. 

But still everyone started thinking bad of me and decided not to post anything on the Intranet blogs unless and until it is important.

To stop this, I decided to write a blog of my own in the blog in WordPress.  For which I started the blog named http://jaanavi.wordpress.com/ .  Since the blog is not mega hit just made two to three posts and decided to quit this account and thought of creating a new account and named it as http://prolificblogger.wordpress.com/ .  Yep this is in existance only.

When I was young, I keep blabbering that “one day or the other day I will surely buy a domain named charubhashini.com”.  As the blabbered words came into reality by buying this domain on my first salary which I earned from this company.  Yep the domain named http://www.charubhashini.com/ was bought on 5th of January 2009. 


According to me, this itself is an big achievement.  BTW, I dint tell anyone that I am going to buy a domain in my home too. After buying the domain only I told them, that I have bought this domain.  Everyone at my home shouted at me, have you become mad.. you don’t know the real value of the money, you idiot… I never hear their words.  If I started hearing their words then I would be nothing to this world without any guts to achieve like a lazy goose.  Actually I don’t want that to be happen and my thoughts are not really outspoken to this world.  Through this blog, I can write a lot and share my views which cannot be shared to my family members too.

But till now I never bother whether it reaches the people or not or the people follow me or not, my hobby is to write a loads and loads of blogs for which one day or the other the information which I am going to blog in future will be surely useful for atleast one guy/gal.

Hmmm.. still there are 100 blogs are in my lists, which will be published in a daily basis.




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  1. i appreciate charu’s passion in blogging, she is one among few in her office having a separate internet domain name, this itself shows her passion towards online blogging, her frankness in blogging is Epitome of a true online blogger,but still charu can better in blogging after all there is scope for improvement in whatever we do..right ??!! 🙂 i wish her to write about more good things(and funny things as well) in upcoming years , Cheers Charu !

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