What topic usually I cover in blogs?



      Some of my friends frequently asked me, what topics you
usually cover while blogging.  I said, whatever topic that comes to
mind, I will be writing it.  So there is no such specifications for me
to write.  I will write whatever I want usually my writings will be
based on whatever I see or watch daily which made special memory and a
memorable one to me.  I never write stories and things which I don’t
like.  Whatever I find interesting in my day today life will be posted
as a blog.  

       Everyone should know this:  Each and every day is unique and
even a small things makes makes you memorable one day or the other. 
Not everything and every work happens to be same.  The work which we do
might be the same but what work we do is not the same.  Likewise there
are many instances which we see daily and the place which we come
across might be the same but the people around are not the same which
we see them daily and it might happen twice in a year probably you may
meet a person at beach, you may see them after a long years say 5 to 6
years later, these small things are memories.

Memories are those created by us and these are permanent one, no one can destroy it from your heart!



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