Navjot Sidhu's One Liners.



     As continuation with the post( here are some more.

Fattest pigs go to the butcher first.”

“You don’t kill a man who is hell-bent on committing suicide”
‘In the orchard of opportunity, you can’t wait for the fruit to drop’.
According to Navjot, Sourav Ganguly is “The Burden of Calamity”
“Money is like manure. Its no good unless you spread it!” (Talking about the distribution of money in the Indian cricket team)

“They are so timid, they wouldn’t say boo to a goose!” (Talking about the tail of the Indian batting order)
Good intentions die unless utilized
“Statistics are like bikinis… what they reveal is suggestive, what they hide is essential!”
One comment he made that they picked up in the papers over here was regarding a shot Tendulker played off his toes... “he played that like a dwarf at a urinal”…

I lean on statistics like a drunken man leans on a lamppost, only for support, not illumination

When Dravid nicked Bond through the slips for 4 from a full half volley, Sidhu said……. that’s Ok from Bond, in order to catch a trout you must be prepared to lose a fly

He has a backlift like an octopus falling out of a tree, all over the place!
There is always free cheese in a mousetrap
Come to my parlour said the spider to the fly

A dog kennel is no place to hide a sausage

You can never unscramble eggs

Call the bear uncle until you are safely across the bridge
“He’s wallowing in foolishness like a rhino in an African pool.”
Gamblers they Are like Toilets BROKE one Day Flush The Next (Navjot Sidhu Talks About The decision To Bring On Harbhajan Singh Into The attack During The 1st Test In Wellington New Zealand)

The Only Thing You Get In Life Without Trying is dandruff.



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