That was a nice experience in Cleaning the roads.



    As in the earlier posts, I was yelling at the Public and the Government for not keeping the roads and other places neat and clean. I was thinking, how about cleaning the roads by ourselves instead of yelling at others and the people and the Govt. never take action on this.

    On the very next day in our intranet blogs there was a post for cleaning in and around Velachery just for 2 hours by Sridhar.  Wow!  I thought that is really an amazing opportunity to grab it and we can work around.  Instead of doing it as a single person, team work will gives us the good result.  So I decided to participate on the cleaning work.

     As the day Sunday comes I was ready in the morning for the cleaning work and I started from home by 6.45am, so that I can reach Velachery by 7.45am atleast and atlast reached Velachery by sharp 8am and Sridhar asked me, “Correct ah timeku vandhuta”(I was happy that I got some appreciation of punctuality, I will never be late at anything, whether its a right or wrong my parents taught is never be late at anything at anycause be there atleast before 5 minutes and not 1 minute late, Thanks to both of them I got a good name from him).

After this, we had a group photo, suggestions, and many more after few minutes we have started sweeping allover.

The places where I swept:

Starting phase of the office door, till the end of the street, some main road phase, and walking thro that cleaned some Velachery main road and along with that a small street we cleaned.  The snaps of the road cleaning are available at my Orkut account. 

Here is a small toondoo presentation about the cleaning.

Cleaning Vel

There were some people on the roads were asking us:

Is there a new called Zoho for Cleaning up the roads?

What a great job you people are doing?!

Is this your fate?

Don’t do like this, don’t take your headache to home?

For all these questions my answer was a simple smile but I was thinking that, you idiots are doing like this, if you people are not doing such non-sense things then why do this occur for us?

This is the right time to ponder and don’t litter the place wherever you see or sit.  Will you do the same at your home too?  If you do the same at your home, then no one else can change you.  Think the place wherever you go or sit is your home, then you will never litter the place.



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