Do you really need degrees?


In continuation with the post named “Fashionable degrees at the back of their names”, I would like to add some more points to it. 

For getting married do you really need the degree certificates?

Will the degree certificate help to get married?

I think the person who needs degrees should really really read this.

I think these guys/gals should read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Richard Kiyosaki.If that is obvious that each and everyone should hold a degree for their marriage, then most of the people in company would have not married over 30% of the employees will be a bachelor, but my question is, is the degree certificate going to help you in work or after marriage?  If you take my case I have finished my in the year 2007 and currently I am working as a programmer in a software company, don’t you think the degree certificates and other things as an absurd. Say for instance if you would have finished B.E. whatever you have studied in College are you using the same studies in the software technology.. Its entirely different.. whatever you study will never be the same when it comes to real time job or work. And I would like to conclude it as degrees are needed when you really really working as a specialized person like Doctors, Charactered Accountants, Auditors but not for Software Engineers. I hope you can understand now what I am trying to mean?

P.S.  Don’t never ever think that I hold a degree certificate it is of useless for me now a days.


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