My experience in driving the car.



    That was really a great experience for me in driving a car.  Having CBA(Clutch, Break, Accelerator) formula.  For the first time while driving, I was really afraid to take the car and to drive.  Though many of them where sitting near me, I was afraid to take it.

First day of car driving is 17th of March -> Just drove for 10 minutes.

March 18th -> drove for 15 to 20 minutes. Where I struggled a lot in turning.  I almost would have dashed on the wall.

March 19th -> drove for 15 minutes.  The coach instructed me to start slowly and said car driving is like a yoga.. where you can concentrate more and can drive slowly.

March 20th -> Still has a problem in driving the car, changing gears and turning too.

(Never forgot the street named Kuppiah chetty street.. where I find myself difficult in turning).

March 21st -> Hmmm a slight improvement in driving the car and in turning too.

March 24th -> Somehow good at driving and turning was pakka and changing gear was horrible at that time.

7th day -> still struggled in changing the gear.

8th day -> finding difficulty in crossing the roads during peak hours.

9th day -> driving on a highway makes me a pleasure.

10th day -> changing of gear was a perfect one without seeing the gear.

11th day -> Drove in a very small lane where one car can enter into the street.

12th day -> drove in a straight road where no turnings and nothing.

13th day ->started practising for the test, and only ‘U’ turns.

14th day -> hmmm my driving was good and started preparing for more ‘U’ turns.

15th day -> Reverse gear and parking.

16th day -> same reverse gear and parking.

17th day to 21st day-> same as usual driving.

During the test I passed and finally gotta the license too. 🙂



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