Don't get into the life of debts.


Yes, my simple advice is don’t get into the life of debts.  I see many people who is unable to pay them back and still they suffer a lot due to unemployment.   

Just an instance : My friend who was working in a company and bought many things for their parents and for her obviously.  Due to this recession she lost her job and right now he is unable to pay her debts for the house which she bought a year ago.  When you are really really investing into high level of buying like house or whatever just think about the market status and get into the things of buying.  When your job is not safer for you then why do you invest on such things and get into debts? Instead you can invest on small things which can be affordable too.  But now the girl has committed suicide and her parents are suffering without her presence.

Instead of committing suicide plan your purchase according the market and the job position too.



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