Zoho Business and Google Apps.



As the Google Apps have customized their applications say, each and every user of the Google Apps should need to pay for it.  In the late 2008 and early 2009 it was 200 users free and recently they changed it to 50 users free.  But right now they have changed it. 

One thing the Google din’t, they din’t tell the users or they dint announce publicly.  And moreover I don’t know how the pricing would be for the present users.  When they revamp from 200 users to 50 users, the users signed up was on a usual state of their old plan during the time of sign-up.  Lets see how this Google going to charge for it.  

Coming back to Zoho Business:  When Google Apps offer for the 200 users free sign-up ZB offered them 10 users free and till now it maintains the same.  So probably the users from Google might switch to Zoho Business soon.  I hope so.

Lets see how the users are getting changed. 

However for non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations the charges rate are the same.  But Zoho Business entirely differs from these.

Here are some of the comments received in the TechCrunch for Google Apps.

By Joe Brooks


This make no sense at all. It
was so much easier to create an email address using Google Apps, set up
a few filters, and forward to my regular email -than using unreliable
POP3 services and doesn’t have the awesome spam filters that I come to

If they package Google Wave with Google Apps, instead of it’s own
free version I’m going to be doubly pissed. Google were the guys who
created entitled brat’s like myself who expect a lot of freebies on the
net, they can’t expect us to start forking over money now. SORRY.



Stupid move by Google. Really dumb.

If I’m forced to move my Google Apps stuff from Google, then you can be sure I’ll be moving everything else away from them too.

I don’t mind paying for good service, but I do mind sneakily
introducing charges, lowering limits and treating users like idiots.

By Marc
like Dom said: I don’t mind paying for good service, but I do mind
sneakily introducing charges, lowering limits and treating users like


One thing I don’t understand, what will cost them to put a blog or to announce it?



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