Without Mobile Part-2


Oh yeah,  as continuation with the post of Without Mobile, I thought of testing myself not to use the mobile at least for one day without the mobile.  At last I tried it today after a very long time and I think I should be like that forever. 

That is really a great experience for me, Oh My Gosh, no contacts with anyone.. I was like as I was before and very innocent girl and minding my own business.  I like and love this type or this way of leading life.  But still this never works.  When I write the Without Mobile part-1 I was simply like addicted or somewhat like that.  But now I am not too much attached to it or whatever to my mobile.  Oh, yeah I love to be like what I am right now(without this mobile). 

Just think of this situation:  When there is no Mobile or technology which you were hanging out for these.  All of a sudden it is vanished, what will you do?  According to me, I will be very happy or else I can say like this I will be the very happiest person in this world.  But now a days it is our fate that we have to sting towards the technology or else we can’t live, atleast to live we have to earn for that we have to earn for that we have stick towards the stupid technology.

Once I got the IPOD I started sticking towards that and left mobile.

Pour in your comments.  Do you feel the same?



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