Roja the movie, news and Krishna.



There are some moments which remains as an unforgettable one. The Roja movie the new during 1993 and Krishna the Mega serial.  In those days in 1993 I am talking about, wherein the middle class people has the television(TV) at their home is somewhat like they are called as an upper middle class.

In those days(1992) the movie Roja was released and they used to telecast in Sun Tv.  In 1994, that was the time where we bought the color Tv company is BPL.  Before that we had Solidare portable tv with Black and White.  For which we had a lot of troubles with that tv.  In 1994, for the first time in Cable TV Sun TV has been introduced. 

That was a fine sunday evening I was studying 2nd or so not sure about it.  Roja movie was telecasted in Sun Tv.  In those days the famous serial on sundays was Krishna(talks about the biography of Lord Krishna).  Even the daily news may also be missed but the mega serial Krishna will not be missed.  They will relay this at sharp 8pm on sunday nights.
Only after Sunday block buster movie ends, the news will be telecasted.

Now a days whenever the Roja movie is telecasted, this situations come into my mind as a bubble.  Come on, each and everyone will have their own memories like this, share it with me.  This happened in Devi Flaats at Valasarawakkam.  Unforgettable friends, place, house. 


Don’t say no to me.. you will have atleast one like this. 



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  1. HI Akka,

    it unbelievable, even i have the same feeling about this movie.

    still i remember every thing. Roja the first movie i watched in TV. The day i fell in love with ARR Music 🙂 at that time i dont even remember what class i am studying. but still i remember the movie and songs i watched first time with my grandma in TV – Roja which made me to love Mani sir and rahman sir.

    also its nice to see the persion who has the same feeling 🙂 i just googled to find how ppl has first imperssion about roja and found your post. sooooooo sweet memories. 🙂

    pls reply to the msg akka.

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