Ekaduthangal tragedy :(



Not like usual happenings, this is different today.  Usually I start by 8.45am from my home to office but today I started by 8.30 from my home to reach office early.  Unfortunately that doesn’t happen.  All vehicles near by Ekaduthangal was stopped around 9am to 9.45am.  I thought that was something like accident.  But it was all about the Violence at that area.  I was really pissed off.  What the hell is happening to this place, are people here to go to office are mads just because of the people doing violence, should we need to waste our time?  Police were there to control the public.  Oh I have to mention that they were controlling the public for 45 minutes.  Nice police mens.

If the public want their things get satisfied, then they should give a proper details to the Collector or whatever or to the concerned person or at least to the Police Station.  But the public disturbs the other public unnecessarily.

Ok, forget about this above matter, one day in the evening, near Vadapalani area, a petrol robber who was about to steal the petrol and I saw that informed Kodambakkam police station about this.  Kodambakkam police station said that, it doesn’t come under our control better give a written complaint to Vadapalani Police station, before going to Vadapalani police station that robber would have stolen the petrol and would have went happily.  SUCH A GOOD RESPONSE. Is this right?

P.S. Why I dint go to Vadapalani Police station, before I go he would have finished that job.  Instead I should feel that “That is not my business, Am I safe thats enough for me”.



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