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A surprise day for me!!


Some thing that I cannot forget!

That is a tuesday(25th of August 2009) where I felt very brisk while getting up from the bed itself.  I thougt the day could go well and I would do better than I thought.  The following were happen on that day.  It was very surprising to me.  Well let me tell you what had happened.  When I wake up from bed I felt some freshness in mind.  I thought “Oh come on just got up from bed lot more to do for the day…” and after that I took bath, whenever I take a bath I get sleep.  But that day I really felt very fresh and enthusiastic.  Few minutes passed away and usually my dad will drink coffee and will give me a little but on that day he gave me more than half a tumbler(Wow thanks dad!  I love coffee a lot especially when my mom prepares it, almost ecstacy).  And it was time around 7.45am or so I went out to trash some dirty things outside.  As usual my pet cat was outside for the milk for the morning session.  I thought it will go away once it drank the milk.  I confirmed with my mom whether the cat drank the milk or not.  She said it drank already in frustrated tone(hmmm… my mom don’t like that cat, it is always ferocious and she used to take the stick to get rid of the cat, I usually smirk when she does like that..).  While returning back to my home, within a flash second the cat bitten my leg.  I tried to escape from it and at last it just touches its tooth in my leg.  Immediately I washed my leg with soap, milk and water and I applied little bit after shave lotion which my dad had.  After finishing all those additional stuffs I had my breakfast and immediately around 8.15am or so I started to office.  I thought of covering my legs by shoes so that my leg won’t get infected because of the pollution in Chennai(pun intended), at last I reached my office by 10am or so.  I decided to put the TT injection because of the cat’s behaviour.  As the work has come, I decided to finish off the work and will go by.  I thought I can go by 2 or 3 for the clinic, but it rained heavily like anything(another surprise for the day) thats really really an awesome rain.  After few minutes the rain gotta stopped and I decided to go for the clinic which I asked some referrals in Velachery regarding the clinic and some of my colleagues advised me to go for “Star Clinics” which is near “In Flamingo” restaurant.  I told them that the cat’s tooth was slightly touched my foot and other than that nothing else happened.  Further more they checked my weight and height for this reason.  They asked me to see the chief doctor and he gave me some tablets and other stuffs.  In the between there was another doctor who I consulted in our office who is a Gynecologist she said for monkey, dog and cat you have take an injection for the treatment as like as a rabbies.  I thought oh my gosh! I have to take 3 injections a day, eh? huh? But in this Star clinic they said you have to take 5 injection doses.  I was shocked!  After that I took the TT injection and proceeded towards my office and with the help of Rajendran I went to that Clinic along with Sandhiya(Thanks to both of them or else I would have drenched in the Rain)  I spoke to my dad and mom regarding this and they asked me to return home immediately and I said I have some work and will finish off that work and will get back to home as soon as possible.

Surprises are:  Morning too energetic, Rain, Cat’s bite, Star Clinic Response(they send me a message that “Ms.CharuBhashini thanks for trusting Star Clinics.  We wishing you a speedy recovery”).  I was amazed and the day went very well and fast too and by the way readers, that week too went very fast!

Take care,
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Kandhasamy movie review


Movie Review:

Starring : Vikram, Shriya, Raghuvaran, Vivek, Santhanam, Vinod Raj, Y G Mahendran, Arun Mathavan, Vinayak, Alex, Indrajith

Direction: Susi Ganesan

Production: Kalaipuli S Thanu

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Banner: V Creations

This is a typical old movie as usual helping the poor and robbing from
a rich.  This is how the movie goes on. Subbulaxmi is enemy’s daughter
who helped the enemy to pull K into their web.  Later on he will he
will stick into the enemy’s spider web and there will be a deal with
the enemy and Kandhasamy.  In climax, K is the Hero and S will join
with her.  K will be transferred to Rajasthan where he will started
doing the same job as he did before.


The trip to south Tamil Nadu and my experience!



In the next coming paragraphs im going to tell my experience about the south TN trip which made unforgettable memories.

the time was around 6.15pm when I start from office.  I thought it was
too early to start from office to home.  But due to traffic and at last
reached my area by 7.30pm and I decided to have some Pani Poori.  In
another words I would die for anything for Pani Poori.  I really love
it.  For sure I would take Pani Poori at least once in a week.  WOW it
tastes like anything.  Especially when it comes to Pani which is too
spicy.  After finishing my Pani poori and whenever I go to out station
I used to buy some drinks usually Pepsi, 7UP, Spirite are stuff which I
usually prefer.  So as usual I bought 7up, Coco-cola, Diet Coke and
Diet-Lemon for mom, one water bottle and it comes around 95 only.  In
that store they won’t allow to use the card below 200.  So I decided to buy for
200 so for that reason I bought that RED-BULL.  Oh yeah it is an energy
drink. To reach the amount of 200 I bought all those stuffs.  After
buying all these junkies I reached my home by 8.15pm and started
watching Thirumathi Selvam which I never miss everyday.  After that I
was watching that Boys Vs Girls in Vijay Tv and immediately my mom
prepared 3 dosas for me.. I had and took a bath and dressed up at
9.30pm itself.  I started changing channels and I dunno what to do. It
was around 10.00pm, it was time where Kolangal and Arasi Mega seriels
got over.  I felt like very restless I dunno what to do.  And my mom
was yelling that none had dressed up and dint finish up things and she
too got over dressed immediately.  After that and the time around
10.30pm everyone got dressed up and my dad’s friend reached home.  His
name is Sekar.  At last we started for the trip.  My mom was inducing
me to pray for God that the trip must be safe and none should get
injured.  As per her wish I did so!


      After 5
minutes Sekar took the car out from the valet parking area and we
started heading towards Tambaram wherein we have to pick-up Mr. Prakash
who was supposed to drive the drive the car.  But the car is damn new
so Sekar dint allow Prakash to drive the car and Sekar himself was
driving the car till Prakash reaches.  Once Prakash comes and he
started driving till 2pm and he gave the car to Sekar.  We made a halt
around 4.a.m near SriRangam and had some coffee.  OMG the coffee tastes
worst like anything.  I dunno what to do at that time.  So I looked
around and decided to drink that coffee and had some biscuits.  But due
to some problem I felt very difficult to eat all those in that time. 
And in that time I saw some people who was walking for such a long
time.  By that time I asked my mom, she said those people was heading towards
Samayapuram from their hometown by walk.  At that time one thing
flashed in my mind was my paternal uncle used to walk from Chennai to
Tirupati in Andhra.  OMG! I dunno how these are walking such a long
distance.  From Pudhukottai to Samayapuram it is almost 40-45 kms.  It
takes almost 3 days to walk.  They used to walk with bare foot. I was
praying that their legs shouldn’t get hurt.  And my mom was sitting
nearby and I was telling her.. see how difficult job is that by walking
in a bare foot that too hurts when you walk on the place where there
were lot of stones even more when we walk on the bare foot in
Koozhangal it will surely hurts or at least it will give a less pain to
your foot which was comforting the luxuriousness by wearing slippers or
shoes or whatever.  After that we were heading towards Karaikudi.  My
dad usually remembers the bus route to Karaikudi but this time I
thought he forgot.  But slightly it happened.  My dad was directing it
to the bus route and when we reached PudhuKottai he got confused and
we entered into the woods not exactly the woods but it looks though.  We asked the public who were nearby.  They guy said you people were on the route to Pillayarpatti. So we decided to make a darshan first to Pillayarpatti.  So we planned to go there first.  Within 10 minutes we reached Pillayarpatti after that we decided to have a coffee, as decided we did so without brushing our teeth(ha ha ha).  Next we decided to take bath and get into the temple.  When we looked into the places, I really got frustrated because of the place where people were taking bath publicly and the place started smell like a pungent.  So I asked my dad to book a room near that area.  As planned we got a room and we 5 got dressed up and headed towards the Pillayar Temple.  After that we finished our darshan there and we made our way to Ariyakudi.  That is where my Kuladevai Temple is there.  Especially Moola karudar is there(Corner Karudar).  Once we entered into that temple my mom brought my horoscope and asked one of the Gurukkal there that when will she be get married and how the lifealia be?  We came to know that the Sanctum Sanctorum will be closed until 11.00am because it is Aradhanai or Neivedhiyam (meaning: The lord is going to eat).  In the meanwhile my mum asked for the horoscope of dad’s friend named Sekar for whom the horoscope was shown to them.  He is not yet married he is going to be 37 right now.  For that reason, the Gurukkal asked him to do many Parikars.  Once he finished all those he will be getting married with this October.  Few minutes passed we 5 went to Thayar Sannidhi(Alamelu Mangal) and we made Archana there and we visited my relation house near to that temple.  My relative name is Mutha.  We used to call him like that.  Once all the work is done we started by 12.30 from Ariyakudi and decided to eat out near Karaikudi.  Search for the hotel and motel ended up in FUSS.  From 12.30 to 1.30pm we were searching for the hotel and we keep on rounding the same area for twice.  I started shouting at all for this fuss.  At last we found the hotel and finished out lunch around 1.45 or so and we just visited the house near in Karaikudi where my grand parents and great parents were lived.  My great grand parents and grand parents were working as an Income Tax officer for English People.  The time chart was around 18++.  I am not sure about it.  And I saw the place named MuthuPatinam where my grand mother grown before her marriage(I really love her a lot and I miss her because she is no more I wish I spent the best of my life till 2001 December 6th with her).  After that we visited Ranganathan uncles’ house in Lakshmi Agraharam whose house is just opposite to my dad’s house.  I used to remember the swing in his house which will give a great pleasure to me.  After finishing this we started to SriRangam and thereby we reached around 5.30 and 4 people had some junk food and I had some coffee.  After taking some rest at the hotel in Paavai towers and we went to SriRangam Temple around 7pm and finished all our darshan and shopping and reached our hotel by 9.45pm.  After that I took 2 Uthappams which were very big in size and took almost half an hour to eat(duh)!  After that I slept at 10.30pm.  Thats it all I know about the day.

At last the next day reached and woke up at 5.45am stood up and brushed my teeth, myself and my dad went to buy some coffee to drink for me, for dad and for my mom.  Those two guys drank coffee which is prepared in the hotel itself.  And apart from that my mom’s friend who is a saree seller came to Srirangam.  His house is in Tanjavur or Tanjore which is too nearer to Srirangam.  So those people around 5 members joined us now its almost 10 members to Thirupattur.  We people started around 7.30am from Srirangam and reached Thirupattur by 8am.  There we worshiped KasiVishwanathar and worshipped Brahma temple and we people were in that temple till 12.00pm and we felt that we were in hunger and had some junkie stuff in temple and reached hotel Banana Leaf had Noodles(I finished the bowl) and headed towards the Hotel Paavai Towers. At sharp 2.15pm we checked out the hotel and started towards Chennai. 
At last reached my home by 7.30pm.  Wherever we go home is the best place to rest with.

Some places and things which I can’t forgot:

In Banana Leaf the Beeda was so big when compared to Chennai.  It was like Handful(only one im talking about).

Rain made me to feel good in both going to Trichy and coming back too.

Vasantha Bhavan hotel looks like a home near Dindivanam.

I took IPOD in this journey but dint use a pint of it.

Saw Cauvery water between the MalaiKottai and Srirangam exactly on the bridge looks awesome.

I wish I should visit this place again.

HIGHLIGHT of the tour:  We saw the abhisekham in front row in Thirupattur.  I really love it.


Lakshman Sruthi's performance.


Hello Folks,

As I was suffering from stomach ache I consulted the doctor nearby and attended the Lakshman Sruthi’s musical concert yesterday.  As my friend named Ramalakshmi told me that this musical concert will be of Classical Carnatic Music.  I thought it will be something rubbish and decided to attend just for 10 minutes and have to return home back.  This was my idea.  After a long decision and thinking I decided to attend it.

When I attend the concert I was SUPRISED!  WOW film songs! thats aswesome to attend.  So I was there for more than one and a half hours in the concert.  It was a highlight when I entered the show they were singing Nenjukkul paidhidum maamazhai from Vaaranam Ayiram, song was good but the way that they sung was troll. 

The following songs were sung by them when I was there:

Nenjukkul peidhidum maamazhai

Theenthadakku thillana

Chithiram pesudhadhi

Anbey en anbey from Dhaam Dhoom

Ullam nadhudhey a very old song,

nenje en nenje from Ayan

Sambo siva Sambho from Nadodigal

Chinan chiriya…

Taxi taxi

Ek dho theen..

Engeyum remix song

Nan parthadhile song

Dindukallu dindukkallu from Dindugal Sarathy

and the last song I heard is Vizhimoodi from Ayan.

Apart from these songs the drums played by one guy for the past 10 minutes was excellent and i forgot to take the video I have two videos and some photos which will be attached in the forth coming blogs.


Most of them are like that.


Oh yeah!

Most of them get confused what would be the post is?  Oh yes.. most of the people buy domain of their own and using it as a blog.  I thought I am the one who does some rubbish things.. anyways there are some people around me who helps me join their hands with my hand.  Thanks guys and gals who have their domain and using it as a blogs..

In Tamil there is a verses sayings – “Kuttai la vizhundha orey mattai dhaan”..  Ha ha..


Universal Hero Kamala Hassan


Oh yeah!

Kamala Hassan is very well known as a Universal Hero after the film Dasavatharam in Tamil in 2008.  Well, I am a die hard fan of him.  He started his career in the film debuted in the year 1960 in Kalathur Kannama.  He has become very famous by singing the song “Ammavum neeye Appavum neeye” which gave a mega hit during the year 1960s.

Even more, he has appreciated many artists like Crazy Mohan, K. Balachandar for their work.  One of my favorite movie is Anbey Sivam which was released during 2003 or 04 im not sure about it.  Whenever I come across the movie Avvai Shanmugi there is always a flash back story of mine, which was released during the year of 1996. 

I was studying 7th in 1996.  Where my parents and cousins had a plan to go for a movie Avvai Shanmugi by Kamal.  In which he made an excellent role and even more Nagesh, Manivannan, Gemini Ganesan’s acting was too good in that movie.  Even trailer induced me to watch that movie in Udhayam theatre Ashok Nagar.  It was a plan that my mom, my dad, my bro and myself going for the movie.  As it was the time of heavy rain and everything went upside down. My brother was fighting with my mom and dad that he should watch that movie or else he won’t go for tomorrow’s exam and starting throwing the things out. My mom, dad, bro, my cousin, cousin’s wife and my cousin’s mother-in-law went for the movie and they were just back by 1.30 or so from the movie.  And I asked them, what is this and where were you people went and why people were drenched, they simply said that they went to my cousin’s home which is not even 5 yards from my home.  And as I more questions they confessed that they went for the movie Avvai Shanmugi and I started yelling at them.  After that they promised me that we all people will go for the movie again the next day and they failed to keep up the promise.

After a year they telecasted in the television itself for more than 20-25 times and I have never missed it.  Keep telling my parents, and my bro about this incident.  Well this incident is unforgettable in my life.

Another more about Kamala Hassan is, Crazy Mohan and Kamal Combination.  Such a nice combination to be with.  Wherever these two guys are, there will always a pun and situational comedy arises.  I recently saw Best of Koffee with Anu in Vijay Tv, of which they telecasted Crazy Mohan’s episode.  In most of Kamal’s movie, Crazy Mohan is the script writer.  These two guys performed in the movie Indian, Awesome movie to be watched again and again not because of Sankar’s movie its because of these two guys.  I wish I will meet Mr. Hassan and Crazy Mohan one day.

Thanks for providing this opportunity to write about this great Legend at this point of time.


Some common things that happen in PTC bus.


Oh yeah, I usually come by bus from home to office and vice versa.  I would like to point some of the worst things that happens in PTC buses(Pallavan Transport Corporation).  Especially when it comes to ladies/ girls/ women it becomes even more worse than the current situation.

1. The guys who dress’s decently keep dashing at the girls, though there will be enough space to stand beside.

2.  Keep staring at the girls(haven’t you seen girls before?)

3. Sitting in ladies place though there is enough place in guys place.

4. Keep on troubling the same girl for passing the ticket.

These are some of the things that I face daily in the bus.  Do anyone face other than this?

Do drop in as your comments.