Universal Hero Kamala Hassan


Oh yeah!

Kamala Hassan is very well known as a Universal Hero after the film Dasavatharam in Tamil in 2008.  Well, I am a die hard fan of him.  He started his career in the film debuted in the year 1960 in Kalathur Kannama.  He has become very famous by singing the song “Ammavum neeye Appavum neeye” which gave a mega hit during the year 1960s.

Even more, he has appreciated many artists like Crazy Mohan, K. Balachandar for their work.  One of my favorite movie is Anbey Sivam which was released during 2003 or 04 im not sure about it.  Whenever I come across the movie Avvai Shanmugi there is always a flash back story of mine, which was released during the year of 1996. 

I was studying 7th in 1996.  Where my parents and cousins had a plan to go for a movie Avvai Shanmugi by Kamal.  In which he made an excellent role and even more Nagesh, Manivannan, Gemini Ganesan’s acting was too good in that movie.  Even trailer induced me to watch that movie in Udhayam theatre Ashok Nagar.  It was a plan that my mom, my dad, my bro and myself going for the movie.  As it was the time of heavy rain and everything went upside down. My brother was fighting with my mom and dad that he should watch that movie or else he won’t go for tomorrow’s exam and starting throwing the things out. My mom, dad, bro, my cousin, cousin’s wife and my cousin’s mother-in-law went for the movie and they were just back by 1.30 or so from the movie.  And I asked them, what is this and where were you people went and why people were drenched, they simply said that they went to my cousin’s home which is not even 5 yards from my home.  And as I more questions they confessed that they went for the movie Avvai Shanmugi and I started yelling at them.  After that they promised me that we all people will go for the movie again the next day and they failed to keep up the promise.

After a year they telecasted in the television itself for more than 20-25 times and I have never missed it.  Keep telling my parents, and my bro about this incident.  Well this incident is unforgettable in my life.

Another more about Kamala Hassan is, Crazy Mohan and Kamal Combination.  Such a nice combination to be with.  Wherever these two guys are, there will always a pun and situational comedy arises.  I recently saw Best of Koffee with Anu in Vijay Tv, of which they telecasted Crazy Mohan’s episode.  In most of Kamal’s movie, Crazy Mohan is the script writer.  These two guys performed in the movie Indian, Awesome movie to be watched again and again not because of Sankar’s movie its because of these two guys.  I wish I will meet Mr. Hassan and Crazy Mohan one day.

Thanks for providing this opportunity to write about this great Legend at this point of time.



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