Lakshman Sruthi's performance.


Hello Folks,

As I was suffering from stomach ache I consulted the doctor nearby and attended the Lakshman Sruthi’s musical concert yesterday.  As my friend named Ramalakshmi told me that this musical concert will be of Classical Carnatic Music.  I thought it will be something rubbish and decided to attend just for 10 minutes and have to return home back.  This was my idea.  After a long decision and thinking I decided to attend it.

When I attend the concert I was SUPRISED!  WOW film songs! thats aswesome to attend.  So I was there for more than one and a half hours in the concert.  It was a highlight when I entered the show they were singing Nenjukkul paidhidum maamazhai from Vaaranam Ayiram, song was good but the way that they sung was troll. 

The following songs were sung by them when I was there:

Nenjukkul peidhidum maamazhai

Theenthadakku thillana

Chithiram pesudhadhi

Anbey en anbey from Dhaam Dhoom

Ullam nadhudhey a very old song,

nenje en nenje from Ayan

Sambo siva Sambho from Nadodigal

Chinan chiriya…

Taxi taxi

Ek dho theen..

Engeyum remix song

Nan parthadhile song

Dindukallu dindukkallu from Dindugal Sarathy

and the last song I heard is Vizhimoodi from Ayan.

Apart from these songs the drums played by one guy for the past 10 minutes was excellent and i forgot to take the video I have two videos and some photos which will be attached in the forth coming blogs.



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