A surprise day for me!!


Some thing that I cannot forget!

That is a tuesday(25th of August 2009) where I felt very brisk while getting up from the bed itself.  I thougt the day could go well and I would do better than I thought.  The following were happen on that day.  It was very surprising to me.  Well let me tell you what had happened.  When I wake up from bed I felt some freshness in mind.  I thought “Oh come on just got up from bed lot more to do for the day…” and after that I took bath, whenever I take a bath I get sleep.  But that day I really felt very fresh and enthusiastic.  Few minutes passed away and usually my dad will drink coffee and will give me a little but on that day he gave me more than half a tumbler(Wow thanks dad!  I love coffee a lot especially when my mom prepares it, almost ecstacy).  And it was time around 7.45am or so I went out to trash some dirty things outside.  As usual my pet cat was outside for the milk for the morning session.  I thought it will go away once it drank the milk.  I confirmed with my mom whether the cat drank the milk or not.  She said it drank already in frustrated tone(hmmm… my mom don’t like that cat, it is always ferocious and she used to take the stick to get rid of the cat, I usually smirk when she does like that..).  While returning back to my home, within a flash second the cat bitten my leg.  I tried to escape from it and at last it just touches its tooth in my leg.  Immediately I washed my leg with soap, milk and water and I applied little bit after shave lotion which my dad had.  After finishing all those additional stuffs I had my breakfast and immediately around 8.15am or so I started to office.  I thought of covering my legs by shoes so that my leg won’t get infected because of the pollution in Chennai(pun intended), at last I reached my office by 10am or so.  I decided to put the TT injection because of the cat’s behaviour.  As the work has come, I decided to finish off the work and will go by.  I thought I can go by 2 or 3 for the clinic, but it rained heavily like anything(another surprise for the day) thats really really an awesome rain.  After few minutes the rain gotta stopped and I decided to go for the clinic which I asked some referrals in Velachery regarding the clinic and some of my colleagues advised me to go for “Star Clinics” which is near “In Flamingo” restaurant.  I told them that the cat’s tooth was slightly touched my foot and other than that nothing else happened.  Further more they checked my weight and height for this reason.  They asked me to see the chief doctor and he gave me some tablets and other stuffs.  In the between there was another doctor who I consulted in our office who is a Gynecologist she said for monkey, dog and cat you have take an injection for the treatment as like as a rabbies.  I thought oh my gosh! I have to take 3 injections a day, eh? huh? But in this Star clinic they said you have to take 5 injection doses.  I was shocked!  After that I took the TT injection and proceeded towards my office and with the help of Rajendran I went to that Clinic along with Sandhiya(Thanks to both of them or else I would have drenched in the Rain)  I spoke to my dad and mom regarding this and they asked me to return home immediately and I said I have some work and will finish off that work and will get back to home as soon as possible.

Surprises are:  Morning too energetic, Rain, Cat’s bite, Star Clinic Response(they send me a message that “Ms.CharuBhashini thanks for trusting Star Clinics.  We wishing you a speedy recovery”).  I was amazed and the day went very well and fast too and by the way readers, that week too went very fast!

Take care,
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