Cheaper rates.. the more quantity?


Do anyone think about this stuff of getting more quantity of things in a cheaper rate?  If none has think about it I would raise my hands that I have thought like this and one more person has made me to think about it.

Oh yeah let me tell you in what circumstances it made me to think like that?

In our intranet forums a person made a guest comment that, buy a memory card in Richie street cheaper than the other areas.  As the guest advised I did so and bought a memory card.  But the memory card is not stable as the old one which I had.

I am really in a dilema that this method is worth or not.  EVEN IN ELECTRONIC ITEMS TOO THIS IS HAPPENING(WORST TO HEAR)!

Do advice me!



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  1. In my opinion, buying a branded memory card (Like Sandisk, Trancend) from showrooms or bazaar doesnt make difference (If you have warranty).

    It is quite a risk to buy in bazaar with out warranty. Personally I would choose to get things with guarantee rather than risking it with bazaar.

    Kindly ignore if i’ve interpreted wrongly.


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