CharuMathi passed away!


Charu Ma

One of my favorite madam in my school days is CharuMathi not because that she holds the first part of my name, its all the way that she teaches.  One of the difficult languages to speak is Sanskrit.  In that way, she is almost a role model for me. Its really awesome that the word she pronounce that “Dha” the much stressed word.  I love hearing to hear her speeches and the way that talks in tamil will be a typical Iyengar lady speech.  I actually came to know that how the iyengar ladies speaks in that school only.  Examples for that is I used to call home as veedu in tamil, but once I joined that school and started using the word “aathukku”.  She is the one who changed me from Advanced Sanskrit to Ayurvedha.  Hats off to her.  Because of her I scored centum in Ayurvedha or else I wouldn’t have.  The most things that I remember about her is the way that she speaks.  Her voice is also double like me.  Her voice is so bold and sweet voice.

On this day I really miss her and let her soul rest in peace.  It is a great loss to our school.  I thought of meeting her tomorrow if she is alive.  When I was in school days she already was suffering from respiratory problem and the finally the day has come to her to leave this world.

With condolences,


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