The copy of The Truman Show!


       The Truman show is a very wonderful movie which was out in 1998.  The story of the movie is, Truman Brubank is selected for the TV show whose life will be on TV on live since his birth.  He doesn’t know about this actually.  One day he came to know that he is being watched by all around the world.  After that he nicely escapes from the candid cameras.  This is a nice story, isn’t it?

    Yes and recently in hindi channels that I have come across, they are conducting similar program like Truman show.  In which the participants are called upon whoever is interested can participate and they will be informed that they will be kept in a big area with their lover/lady love.  By the way they do know that the whole world is watching them or will be watching for the next one month.  In the TV they even record whatever the crap things they do.  This is idiotic/idiosyncrasy, isn’t it?

     Like wise, there is a serial in Colors channel named DADAGIRI.  Utter worst serial.  The beauty of the serial is, they will call the audience to participate in the show and they have to do whatever they instruct.  This show is something like challenging the strange things.  If the person is unable to do one thing or out of the time, the person who is comparing the show is shout like you the f**k, sh*t, cr*p etc.  And my question is, why the hell you are shouting at the participant is unable to finish their task.  It is really great that they have participated.  But that is too much of scolding them.  Another more question is, why don’t they try doing it?

   Ahh, another more program similar to the one on Color Channel, where they select 5 couples who is pregnant along with their husband they have to stay in a big bungalow and they keep on reviewing about their incidents and blah blah.

I seriously don’t know why they are conducting these type of serials.

All in the world are copy cats.  What I am trying to say is, be a copy cat and try to be innovative too at times.



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