Some respectable person in my life!


I believe that whatever we do we have some reason or some good in it.  And each and every person in this world born for some reason.  Unless and until they won’t die till their work get over in this world.

This blog post is to honor many people who is around me and taught me in such a way that I can shine well like anything and who changed me as a very good gal, who made a lot of changes in me.

1. Sridhar Vembu :  Who gave me the opportunity to join in Zoho Corporation.  Because of him I got introduced to many people who are really passionate on something.  WOW what a mind blowing person he is.  Still I don’t have words to tell about him!

2. Rajendran D :  One thing that I can say about this person is all WOW, amazing and much more.  But still I don’t find any other word to suit him enough.  He gave some of his muses to me, some are the blogging practice, the fluency in English, continuous flow in English, more vocabulary, habit of reading books, making fun in the possible situation, keep smiling at situation, understanding the situation in a better easy way and much more.  To talk about him, one day is not enough for me.  He taught me what PASSION is.  Hats off to you sir!

3. Rajendran B :  WOW, he is another person who made to think in a different angles of the situation or the problem.  He used to say that analyze the situation in a better way that you can solve the problem.

4. Raja :  My Team Manager:  Amazing person with a lot of vision and thinking randomly in many ways.  I learned from him his be slow and don’t be in a hurry to finish off things, analyze the situation, narrow down the questions and get into the work.  Really adorable person for me!  Hats off!

5. Sandhiya and Revathy:  I learned what slowness is from Sandhiya and how jovial I should be from Revathy.  That is the reason that I won’t hurt them and I won’t do that in my life time too.  Unforgettable kids.

6. My Bro (Jagath):  My sweet bro, who is the one insisted me to talk with everyone in each and every possibility and he taught me what courage is.  Be bold, do whatever you want and remember that you do it whole heartedly.

7. My dad:  I am the only one who keep on arguing with him a lot.  My brother won’t even argue with my dad that much.  Especially when it comes to cricket and me and dad will fight like anything.  WOW what a memorable one.  Because of him I got more interest in cricket.

8. My mom: So sweet of her.  Ambitious and ambidextrous lady.  Most adorable person for me.  I learned what love, care, affection, and managing the family from her.  I still immobilized to think about her plan when she gave me some examples.  MOM I love so much from the bottom of the heart.  I have never fall in love with her like this before and even I don’t think so that I will fall in love with anybody like this. Hats off mom. 

9. Ramalakshmi : She is the one who sits behind me in the college days.  She taught me how to control my senses.

10.  Priya:  Who taught me how to behave to others.

These 10 People are like 10 fingers for me in the hand.  Without one we can survive, but without thumb finger its hard to survive like wise Rajendaran D and Sridhar Vembu is the thumb for me.

I would like to add one thing is, you people are born for me to teach some things in my life.

One thing that I can tell is, these people are the one who made my path and journey life sweeter than before. Hats off to you people.  I wish them all success in their life without any pint of tears from them.



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