2 different views from a single person


I am sitting in the bus in the first row of which I easily can  see the road, vehicles etc.  I feel difficult 
and afraid that the bus driver might dash the divider on the pillar road. After few minutes I realized
that he is an experienced guy. And after that turning, since the road was too narrow it will be more
difficult for the bus drivers to cross a lane with buses which comes in the opposite sides. In the
platform, there was a guy was shouting at the bus driver for coming too close to the platform. When
I look at the driver and his situation I kept my mouth shut. One bus is coming in the opposite and he
has to make a subtle gap to move on. And I immediately realized that they are experienced. After 4
or 5 years I am sure that I will be laughing at this blog post because me too would have experienced
at that time of driving. Not as a bus driver, but as driving my own car.

After writing this blog post, I realized that I read a book called a "Thinking Hats" by Edward. Which
makes me to think of all the direction in all the situation and btw to react slowly. Thanks guys!


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