Rain stopped but still the roads are becoming worse.


Yes, though the rain has stopped pouring on us, the effect of rain is still upon us.  I keep wondering why the Government is not taking proper action on the drainage system.  And at the same time I cannot keep cursing Government on this.  Even though they do it at the correct time, the corporation will dug it for some other purpose.  This has become a vicious cycle like Gov put roads and corporation open it for some other purpose.  At the same time I cannot blame both of them.  When this is happening will there any relief on the roads.  Now a days it has become cumbersome for many people who lives in the lower area like Velachery, Madipakkam, Chembarambakkam, RedHills, Tambaram etc.  most of the times even for a 10 centimeter rain that area itself is getting flooded like anything.  Recently visited OMR, was neat I suppose and even in Velachery the 100 feet road, most of the West Mambalam streets have a very good drainage system and they are perfectly drained within 12 hours this is really a great improvement in this area.  Kudos!

I assure that my friends and I will do clean-up by giving the proper drainage not only to my area but also all over the place I visit.



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