Magic secrets revealed


Hi Folks,

In AXN I recently started watching a program called “Magic secrets
revealed”. Even like others I too started thinking that magicians are
really really great and but after watching this program I realized that
I too was stupid like others. Mainly if you deeply look into the thing,
the code will be revealed. They just brainwash us and getting money
from us.

For more about the secrets you can check out here : ans+secrets+revealed&search_type=&aq=0&oq=magician s .

Instead of magic the worth program is Circus, and much more. They
really take initiative in doing things. Watch the you tube and watch it
in AXN on Sundays night from 11pm – 1am. I never miss this program.



P.S. I have a very bad habit of changing channels from one to
another.. if it really bores will start from 1st to the last channel
and will know whats going on in another channel by that time I found
this stuff on AXN India.


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