Oh so sad because of the treatment at hospital


On Sunday morning I got a phone call from my brother that my friend’s grand father expired, we were all shocked at that moment and dunno what to do.  Since we were in temple for that day we shouldn’t inquire about the death.  So once we enter into our home my mother called my friend and asked about it.  For that my friend’s father told the following:

Patient was suffering from breathing at 1.30am on 6th of december.  So we rushed to Public health centre immediately in West Mambalam.  We called up for emergency over there.  The attenders in the PHC asked for the age.  We told them its 89.  The attenders responded as “he is 89 years old leave it and btw the pulse is down and he was dead while bringing here”.  Was shocked after the response.  Damn is that the way that the attenders responds here.  Its like teasing the people.  If the attenders were unable to attend the night duty and why the hell they are still in hospital when the emergency cases comes here.  According the chief doctor he died at 3am according the attenders they died at 2 or so.

WOW WOW WOW what a treatment for that patient in the hospital.  If this happens no one will enter into that hospital.  Damn idiots.

Please spread a word about this.




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