Advertisement campaign going on better in Mobiles too!


Hmmm.. yeah in most of the companies they always lack in marketing but this Vijay TV is doing an awesome job. In my opinion, that too especially in serials.  If you take any serials the advertising is done very nicely and very attractively.  What to say about them.. hmmm no words.  If you closely watch all the serials in Vijay TV the are attracting/pulling audiences to watch it.  If you take some other channels they aren’t like that.  In case of Vijay TV once Star group has acquired this channel they have improved a lot and much better when compared to other channels.  Even more Sun TV has started copying from Vijay TV.  That too that Kuttram Nadandhadhu enna, Vijay tv is doing it great and the Sun tv doing the same as Nijam very worse.  Compairing in Vijay tv is always good and in Sun TV and Kalaigner Tv come on they have to improve a lot on that part.  Whatever Vijay Tv does the same thing the Sun and Kaiaigner tv do the same.  Ashamed of them.  They don’t even know whats the meaning for innovation I think.  Now a days the serial called Thirumathi Selvam is becoming famous in Sun Tv.  Even I watch that serial.  Their advertising campaign goes on a contract with Vodafone and that too they are killing us by sending messages to mobile, they sending it as “are you a lover of that serial hmmm click on the number to know whats gonna happen today and all”  What a crappy thing if they do on a mobile too.  BTW, Vijay tv don’t do the same.

Advertising on mobiles should be banned for Tv serials.  It should be done only on Tvs what say you people?



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