Rin and Tide ad


Hmmm you would have seen the above video.  Yes everyone knows that each and everyone is a competitor.  Even Surf Excel is a competitor and Rin and tide?  But why Rin has specifically selected Tide? Any vengence?  Even some of the advertising before had too happened.  It is between Complan and Horlicks.  If they really have a war between them go to court and solve your issue.  What is the reason that you are doing it publicly?  These are the insults to the person who are using Tide that it does nothing but the high cost of price.

Is it healthy to throw mud
at the competitor to state your point and increase the sales?  Does
these advertisements really affect the buying pattern of the public?



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  3. It is more of a battle of the FMCG behemoths P&G & HUL. This kind of direct leg-pulling is more evident abroad. In India it has been always a more round about way of saying the same thing.

    Haha but anyways had a nice laugh over it.

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