Bangalore – Clean city!


Its been a year that I have been in Bangalore.. as and when I see the road it is always clean and tidy!  I really appreciate the ladies who clean the road, street everything in day and night.  They had never taken leave for a day at least.  I really see a passion in working.  Even more I have really to tell is the climate which I really love it here.  Each and everyday suffering in the sun that too from May 2nd to May 23rd in Chennai we call it as ‘Kathri Veyil’ which I used to take bath twice or thrice a day!  Another horrible which is unavoidable in Bangalore is the traffic.  Inch by Inch the traffic moves.  The traffic signal itself comes around 3 minutes.  Nowhere in Chennai I could find this.  Will post the pictures of the traffic as soon as possible.  The most favorite thing that I love here is the trees all where.  When I pass through Lalbagh Botanical garden.. it will remain too chill all through the dawn and dusk.  That gives me the utmost pleasure.

Signing off for now,

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