Monthly Archives: January 2013

Take time to laugh now!


1. What is the difference between Einstein and Karunanidhi?

Einstein said that everything is relative whereas Karunanidhi says that relative is everything.

2. Why is Bangla Desh not sending a contingent to Olympics?

Because anyone who can run, jump or swim, has already crossed the border of the country.

3. Why did UPA Government demonetise 25 paise coins?

They could not manage one Anna, how could they manage four annas?

4. 100 phones tapped each day per operator.

Finally here is a government that listens to people.

5. Vote for Baba Ramdev.

He’ll be the PM who can help you make your ends meet. Your head and toe, that is.

6. Mayawati, Jayalalitha & Mamata should now form an alliance.

They can call it Behenji-Amma-Didi. Or BAD, for short.

7. Some days, Digvijay Singh makes no sense.

Other days, he is silent.

8. Why people consider alcohol to be a problem.

Chemically speaking, it’s a solution.

9. Title of a documentary on Kingfisher’s planes – “Saare Zameen Par”.

Two planes in the same place at the same time?





A Lufthansa 747-400 and a United 757-200 are on a simultaneous landing approach on the parallel runways 28L and 28R at SFO.  Real runway separation is 225 meters. Due to the telephoto distortion, the Jumbo 747 being 3 times larger than the 757 and being behind it, gives us this fantastic optical illusion that they are flying inches from each other!!!