Indeed it is surprising me that I started to blog in the year 2009 and I was active till 2014.  This kid has changed my whole life that I have no time to blog now a days.  And surprisingly when I saw what I blogged in 2009 and now in 2016 when I read them all I feel like.. “is it the same Charu now?” Grrr! I know I have changed a lot.. but still these things made me to worry that I find no time for blogging and I realise now that I was too sensitive during those times.  After all the little one of mine has changed my entire life and my little one taught me everything what life is.  No wonder I call myself as a “true mother”.  I feel guilty for my son that Im not paying more attention towards his naughtiness, Im sure this will fade away!

Back in blogging! Much more surprise are awaiting you!!  Keep looking out.

Daily blog updates! More to come!


Signing off as of now,



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