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Did a great job!



I have donated around 1k to the CRY organization for a children’s education.  I really would be happy if these kid would study well and come-up in their life.. all the best to them.

Ghost Hunters- season 6


Hey there,

As you people know that I am already a movie geek and most will watch ghost movies, ghost serials etc.  and after marriage I have started viewing the Ghost Hunters on a regular basis along with my husband and my brother in law who is also well interested in watching all those(same wave length on these stuffs [lolz]).  As of now in India Season 6 is being shown.  Show timings is every Friday on AXN around 9pm to 10pm.  Previously it was around 10pm to 11pm.
Yesterday it was on awesome episode I should say.. even though there were no more much evidences.. whatever the TAPS people ask for it(the ghosts) responds immediately.  If they ask for a knock it knocks immediately and some torch light flashes too it happened.  In the previous episodes it played a music for the TAPS and some light flashes.  That was an awesome episode for all of US.

And my question comes now:  All these episodes and research are done only in USA and why not in India.  And so far these reality shows are not done in our own country.  Or these happenings are only happening in US alone?  BTW, In USA they are really showing nice and the way that they represent the show is really awesome and when it comes to India I can say it is really rated LOW.  And if you people know any Ghost shows on the TV please let me know about it.


Raksha Bhandan



As tomorrow is going to be Raksha Bhandan I wish all my brothers for this festival.  I specially dedicate this blog to my brother Jagath Rakshagan and his friends Vivek, and Venkat(who are Jagath’s school mates SSRV) and really have to add one more person called Ramakrishnan who taught me many things and I have learnt many things from him.  Moreover I have been inspired by his blogs and write up(Thank you bro for this).  After inspiring from him, I back to myself where I was in Zoho Corp with a lot of enthu on work and studies.. reading more books.

Well and good I am back to blogging with daily one blog.


Planning to move from Airtel


Hi Folks, 

Since I am using Airtel Internet 3G and finally I came to conclusion that it is not useful at all. And I am giving the decision to you that which one would be better and I would like to get a vote from you people.

  1. Airtel
  2. Vodafone
  3. Tata photon
  4. Tata photon +
  5. Reliance
  6. MTS
This would be more helpful for me if you could answer me.  Looking forward to your replies.

10 questions has to ask the so called managers..


மேனேஜரிடம் கேட்க விரும்பும் பத்து கேள்விகள்….

ராத்திரி 10 மணிக்கு கூட எங்களுக்கு பர்சனல் ஒர்க் வரக்கூடாதுனுஎதிர்பார்க்கறீங்க
  ஆனா சாயந்திரம்மணி ஆனவுடனே உங்களுக்கு மட்டும் எப்படி பர்சனல் ஒர்க்வந்துடுது…?

அது எப்படி நாங்க சொல்லி உங்களுக்கு ஏதாவது புரியலைனா Dont make it too complicatedனு சொல்றீங்க
  ஆனா நீங்க சொல்லி எங்களுக்கு புரியலைனா  He is Dumbனு சொல்றீங்க..?

அது எப்படி Week end எங்களுக்கு வேலை கொடுத்துட்டு சனிக்கிழமை நீங்கவீட்டுக்கு கிளம்பும் போது Happy Weekend னு

    கூச்சப்படாம  சொல்லிட்டு   போக முடியுது..?

அது எப்படி உங்களுக்கு ஒரு அப்ளிகேஷன் சரியா வேலை செய்யலைனா,அப்ளிகேஷன்ல  பிரச்சனைனு சொல்றீங்க

   அதே எங்களுக்கு வேலை செய்யலைனாஉனக்கு அப்ளிகேஷன் தெரியலைனுசொல்றீங்க..?

ஏதாவது நல்ல நாள் வந்தா ஏதோ உங்க வீட்ல மட்டும் விசேஷம் மாதிரி எல்லாவேலையையும் எங்க தலைல கட்றீங்களே.

    ஏன் எங்க வீட்லயும் விசேஷம்  இருக்கும்னு  உங்களுக்கு தெரிய மாட்டீங்குது..?நாங்க என்ன டெஸ்ட் ட்யூப்  பேபியா

உங்களுக்கு ஊதிய உயர்வு வரலைனா மட்டும் கம்பெனி ரொம்ப மோசமாகுதுனுசொல்ற நீங்கஎங்களுக்காக மட்டும் பேச மாட்றீங்க…?

ஏதாவது ஒரு முக்கியமான மெயில் அனுப்ப நீங்க மறந்தா  மட்டும், I was very busy in some other issueனு சொல்றீங்க.

   அதே நாங்க மறந்தா, you should  concentrate on workனு சொல்றீங்க…?

ஆபிஸ் நேரத்துல நீங்க  ஃபோன் பேசிட்டு  இருந்தா மட்டும்அது ஏதோ தலை போறவிஷயம் மாதிரி எடுத்துக்கறீங்கஅதே  நாங்க பண்ணா வேலையை  சரியா செய்யமாட்றானு  சொல்றீங்க…?

சாயந்திரம் 5 மணிக்கு  நீங்க வீட்டுக்கு போறது தப்பில்லைஆனா அப்ப நாங்க ஒருடீ  குடிச்சிட்டு வர போனா  மட்டும் ஏதோ லை  குத்தம்செய்யற

    மாதிரி  பாக்கறீங்க…?

காலைல வந்ததுல இருந்து ICICI Direct,gmail ,Geogit,  Sharekhanனு செக் பண்ணிட்டு இருக்கீங்கஅதே நாங்க மதியம் சாப்பிட்டு வந்து மெயில்

     செக்  பண்ணா மட்டும் Don’t use company resources for your personal workனுசொல்றீங்க…? ஏன் சார் ஏன்…. இத்த தான்… திருக்குறள்ள

யாதெனின் யாதெனின் நீங்கியான் 
நோதல் அதனின் அதனின் இலன்
  ஆபீசுக்கு போனா ஆணிபுடுங்காம சும்மா  இருப்பதே சுகம்னு வள்ளுவர்எப்பவோ எழுதிவச்சுட்டாரு


Bangalore – Clean city!


Its been a year that I have been in Bangalore.. as and when I see the road it is always clean and tidy!  I really appreciate the ladies who clean the road, street everything in day and night.  They had never taken leave for a day at least.  I really see a passion in working.  Even more I have really to tell is the climate which I really love it here.  Each and everyday suffering in the sun that too from May 2nd to May 23rd in Chennai we call it as ‘Kathri Veyil’ which I used to take bath twice or thrice a day!  Another horrible which is unavoidable in Bangalore is the traffic.  Inch by Inch the traffic moves.  The traffic signal itself comes around 3 minutes.  Nowhere in Chennai I could find this.  Will post the pictures of the traffic as soon as possible.  The most favorite thing that I love here is the trees all where.  When I pass through Lalbagh Botanical garden.. it will remain too chill all through the dawn and dusk.  That gives me the utmost pleasure.

Signing off for now,