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Raksha Bhandan



As tomorrow is going to be Raksha Bhandan I wish all my brothers for this festival.  I specially dedicate this blog to my brother Jagath Rakshagan and his friends Vivek, and Venkat(who are Jagath’s school mates SSRV) and really have to add one more person called Ramakrishnan who taught me many things and I have learnt many things from him.  Moreover I have been inspired by his blogs and write up(Thank you bro for this).  After inspiring from him, I back to myself where I was in Zoho Corp with a lot of enthu on work and studies.. reading more books.

Well and good I am back to blogging with daily one blog.


very bad experience with it!


Last few months I had a very bad experience with this Airtel guys that too after the introduction of this 3G telecom.

First experience: I already had a Airtel postpaid mobile connection.  What happened was, when I dint even speak on the phone, they charged me like anything like Rs.100 per day or something.  When I checked with my itemized bill, they put the division as extra charges as Rs. 1500.  When I called and asked them for this error, they said it is for STD calls that you made.  When I re-checked again for it, Rs. 1500 + 500(this 500 as a STD charges).  So double STD charge.
Second : As I was already using airtel internet in Chennai I was very much satisfied with the internet connection, I thought there could be no problem in using this airtel internet.  While buying the connection it was on 2G connection.  After a while, we moved the airtel from 2G to 3G.  Looks like none can use airtel in 2G.  Even if we connect the internet, it wont work or it wont connect to the internet at all.  Called up the customer care and moved from 2G to 3G.  Once moved, there was a lot of problem in connecting to the internet.  There is a different options of connecting the internet to the network.  (GSM only,GSM preferred, WCDMA only, WCDMA preferred).  Initially my network was at WCDMA only after calling up the customer care they said you should change it to GSM only or preferred and they said it should work(Network remained the same and it was still in 2G connection only).  After changing the network it worked for a while and the next morning if we check it wont work and I was totally pissed off.  Called up again the customer care, they said the device is compatible for only 2G and not for 3G.  After that I contacted the person who sold the product to me.  They said the device is compatible for both 2G and 3G.  After a minute I called the customer care, they dint even pick up the call for one week, for that reason I decided to surrender it.  The very next day, I tried calling up and they asked me to do the following:  a) removing the sim card from airtel and put it in your mobile phone and set the network as Airtel 3G and put again in the data card and it should work fine.  After working all those nothing remains to work.  So decided to give up and giving it up a last chance for that they asked me to do it on the another machine.  No luck on it too.  After using my simple knowledge on airtel I changed the network from GSM only to WCDMA preferred after that everything started working fine.  AWWW God! Alas it had gotta solved.  This issue itself was around 2 months.  Was totally a headache!
Third:  My husband had faced another issue of billing in airtel:  He never talks with anyone on the phone.  Even if he talks, it wont even come around Rs. 500 as a monthly bill.  But to much of our shagrin, the bill came around Rs. 2500.  He was telling me, these airtel walas are really worse, they are showing the amount as this much.  I asked him whether you called up or used any internet usage.  He said I was trying to move the internet connection to 3G in Airtel and much to shock, the internet is not working on his mobile.
Fourth:  In my office, they are using Rs. 1299 plan for internet, for which they can use the internet of around 10am to 7pm unlimited internet.  For this the internet alone costs around Rs. 17,542.
This clearly shows how cruel they are.  I dont believe on this airtel guys.  And I am not going to believe them on future note too.  Stupid fellows!  Even more I have no strength to talk to those people.  Worse thing of all is VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.
And now I have decided to change my mobile from Airtel to Vodafone and the airtel internet is good.  The speed they provide and service is good.  I am using airtel internet only.  I have planned to use it further.

Rin and Tide ad


Hmmm you would have seen the above video.  Yes everyone knows that each and everyone is a competitor.  Even Surf Excel is a competitor and Rin and tide?  But why Rin has specifically selected Tide? Any vengence?  Even some of the advertising before had too happened.  It is between Complan and Horlicks.  If they really have a war between them go to court and solve your issue.  What is the reason that you are doing it publicly?  These are the insults to the person who are using Tide that it does nothing but the high cost of price.

Is it healthy to throw mud
at the competitor to state your point and increase the sales?  Does
these advertisements really affect the buying pattern of the public?


Rain stopped but still the roads are becoming worse.


Yes, though the rain has stopped pouring on us, the effect of rain is still upon us.  I keep wondering why the Government is not taking proper action on the drainage system.  And at the same time I cannot keep cursing Government on this.  Even though they do it at the correct time, the corporation will dug it for some other purpose.  This has become a vicious cycle like Gov put roads and corporation open it for some other purpose.  At the same time I cannot blame both of them.  When this is happening will there any relief on the roads.  Now a days it has become cumbersome for many people who lives in the lower area like Velachery, Madipakkam, Chembarambakkam, RedHills, Tambaram etc.  most of the times even for a 10 centimeter rain that area itself is getting flooded like anything.  Recently visited OMR, was neat I suppose and even in Velachery the 100 feet road, most of the West Mambalam streets have a very good drainage system and they are perfectly drained within 12 hours this is really a great improvement in this area.  Kudos!

I assure that my friends and I will do clean-up by giving the proper drainage not only to my area but also all over the place I visit.


Thot for the day – Understanding Feelings and emotions-4 nov 2009

Understanding Feelings and Emotions

Neither love or happiness are emotions; actually, they are natural states of the self or soul.
exist and emerge naturally from the human heart when the heart is free,
clean and clear, i.e. when it is not attached to anyone or anything. 

takes many forms, from caring to comforting, from empathy to
compassion, from acceptance to appreciation. As does happiness, whose
deepest form is contentment. 

ability to express and feel those forms of love and happiness is
reduced by any emotional disturbance inside our minds. Unfortunately,
we are somewhat confused as once again we have been taught to think
that sadness is a form of love, excitement is a form of happiness,
worry is a form of care and fear is a form of respect. 

process of confusing ourselves and understanding ‘the what’ and ‘the
why’ of our emotions requires time spent in practices such as
meditation and self-reflection. Feelings and emotions cannot be
understood through the words of others, only in the experience of